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  1. About: bringing live to the qube2 LCD. The patch for the init.d rc script …

    /usr/sbin/putlcd “$actioning:” “${script##*/???}”

    Where do you and with what value are you setting $actioning? And what got ##*/??? to do?

  2. You should read this as $actioning so basically the variable $action which should contain the values start or stop. So this line should write starting or stopping to the first line of the LCD.

    ${script##*/???} removes the longest substring (##) from the begining (*) to the last (/) plus the next 3 characters (???) from the variable script.

    Sample: If the variable script will have the following value:


    The ${script##*/???} will return the string ssh
    The variables action and script are provided by the init scripts.

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